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Dental Board Preps For FL,HI,AZ,LV
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Alkaline 8.5/9.0/9.5
High Negative ORP ( High level of Antioxidants)
Hexagonal Configuration (for maximal hydration!!!!)

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Expansive Holistic Health Anti Cholesterol/Heart Healthy Drink

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Reversing Bad Cholesterol and maintaining a healthy heart ejection, in Expansive Holistic Health equates to a longer more vital longevity.  Since it is one of the very top most common causes of death in this country, and the world, here at Expansive Holistic Health, it is taken as a top priority, even at younger ages than are considered today. While unhealthy life styles are, more usually than not, the causative ‘agent’ for heart disease, there is usually still time to turn the back ‘hands of time’.  Please refer to my, much talked about, Blog on my father, a Doctor, and how we increased his life span, against the prophecy of the best main stream medical doctors in this country, with QUALITY life; an increase of about 2800% of the time that was given to him by his treating physicians.

I would never suggest that you go off your ‘medications’, but would suggest that you work closely, along with your treating Physician, monitoring you with frequent blood panels, to slowly see if a high dosage of medications are still necessary.  One must ALWAYS be under the care and treatment of a license Physician for heart disease. Expansive Holistic Health understands, that because this is a problem that has been building for many years, we need to re adjust to a healthier overall lifestyle. Our Expansive Medicine definitions, of this ‘healthy lifestyle’, are usually very different and more specific, than what you hear on TV, infra-commercials or in your Doctors, or Healers, or Healthcare providers office, or even their advice.

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I suggest, firstly, you attend or view our Expansive Holistic Health Conferences and Webinars, whether live or as a Webinar if available.

Change your life NOW to a Life just Beginning, instead of a Life just Beginning to End!

Our Expansive Holistic Health Anti Cholesterol/Heart Healthy Formula Drink is an important part of your heart healthy success story, and continues Youth and Longevity. For with heart, with a healthy and strong vascular ‘pump, comes the proper and needed nutritional ‘feed’ to every organ of the body…including your brain, skin, heart, liver, glands, lungs, and bone and musculature.

Products-Expansive Medicine Anti Cholesterol/Heart Healthy Drink
Gluten/Dairy/Wheat Free! Never Heated Over 105 degrees!

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