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Alkaline 8.5/9.0/9.5
High Negative ORP ( High level of Antioxidants)
Hexagonal Configuration (for maximal hydration!!!!)

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Expansive Holistic Health Arthritis/Auto Immune/Anti Inflammation Formula

Man in Gold Field

All the most recent and up to date research, that seems to be pretty much under the ‘public radar’, states that increased inflammation, can be either directly responsible, or linked to decreased immune function, many unexplained auto immune diseases, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, many forms of cancer, decreased immune function and brain dysfunction.  My proprietary formulas powerfully attack the ‘root’ of the disease, not just the symptoms, on many, many different levels.

I always use my life experiences as examples, to help explain why, here at Expansive Holistic Health, we take that extra necessary step. This extra step is needed to battle the most complex of health issues and problems that have been holding you back from reaching your goals, and enjoying your highest possible ‘quality of life’ imaginable.

When I was 5 years young, I had this desire, actually need, to study self-defense. I was not the biggest, nor the oldest kid in the neighborhood (I was in programs, in school, that had put me a grade or two ahead of my natural age…waiting for that drivers license and not be able to take the car out on a date, while all my friends were, seemed not only challenging, but seemed like forever lol) As with Martial Arts, along with bodybuilding, I always knew the best approach, was to use every protocol and technique that I could learn. I knew the results would be more consistent, when I possessed greater knowledge and technique than my opponent. We must use every kind of kick, punch, ‘take down technique’, a mind–body connection, and much more. Being a “Mixed Martial Artist “Type” Health Practitioner”, using the 21st Century Expansive Holistic Health protocols and techniques is the only way to make a real and lasting difference, in my opinion.

Arthriti sAnti Inflammation Drink

This is how I have approached medicine for the last 20 years.  With the many life threatening changes in our water, and food supply, our air, our ozone and our EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies), we need to be a ‘mixed martial artist’ of sorts and ‘hit’ the problem at the source with all we have! Taking No Prisoners! Minimizing and destroying the core of the problem, at the source, is the true path to a healthier happier existence.

My Expansive Holistic Health Arthritis/Auto Immune/Anti Inflammation Formula is what I use everyday, and have had amazing results. I also recommend along with this formula my “Expansive Holistic Health Diet” protocols, Expansive medicine Immunity Formulas on this site, and my Expansive Holistic Health Conferences and Retreats

Expansive Holistic Health Arthritis/Auto Immune/Anti Inflammation Formula

All natural and Organic!
Never heated over 105 degrees!
Dairy/Wheat/Gluten Free!

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