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Florida Dental Board Preps

Dental Board Preps For FL,HI,AZ,LV
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Enagic Water Ionizers Website Water H2O

Alkaline 8.5/9.0/9.5
High Negative ORP ( High level of Antioxidants)
Hexagonal Configuration (for maximal hydration!!!!)

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Dr. Craig Brown's Expansive Holistic Health

Meditation / Relaxation Audio Download / CD

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Expansive Holistic Health Retreats

Come be reborn—in paradise.

Reclaim your energy, your focus, your vitality; the fountain of youth.

Our retreats are relaxing and growth oriented to best serve each and everyone, along with a smaller group of like minded warm and giving people, who are all looking for the very same common goal: Health, Wealth and Happiness. The adventure begins in a more intimate Expansive Holistic Health Environment where you will bathe in the full knowledge of Expansive Holistic Health Protocols and Lifestyle.  Join Dr. Craig Brown, the founder of Expansive Medicine, as he takes you on a journey of understanding the True Mind/Body Connection as developed through Expansive Holistic Health’s Oral-Nasal Systemic connection theories. You will expand your awareness as you enjoy & experience the Elixirs of Life.

Our Retreats are resort based, in a healthy and tranquil environment.  We work in locations nationally in the USA and around the world.

Open up to a new world of health and longevity.

Instruction of the protocols and techniques are presented in one complete growth package, by Dr. Craig Brown as he takes you into the world of Expansive Holistic Health.  The Survival Kit for the 21st Century is an educational retreat to literally change your entire being, and thus your entire life.  Dr. Brown teaches you methods from his 12-step program which can be immediately applied to dramatically change your life.  Dr. Brown also coaches you on effective nutritional and psychological strategies to bolster your immune system and improve your health. These powerful principles help each and everyone create a physically vital life, of total health and vigor.

Dr. Craig Brown has made a name for himself as a living example of the Expansive Holistic Health Lifestyle.  The results are undeniable!

The event:

  • Daily morning yoga class
  • Overview of Expansive Holistic Health’s Oral-Nasal Systemic connection theories
  • Provides nourishment and ‘How to Classes’ to ‘feed’ your mind and body through Expansive Holistic Health protocols, techniques, and recipes.
  • Explore and understand the True Mind/Body Connection
  • Uses techniques to minimize or exterminate all forms of stress and the “silent killers from the inside out, and the outside in”
  • Dr. Brown’s unique Expansive Holistic Health Deep Healing Meditation

Be ALL that you were born to be! Join us at the ultimate Expansive Holistic Health Survival for the 21st Century Retreat to experience Dr. Brown’s 12-Step Program; the experience of a lifetime!

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* Speakers, Location and Event Dates subject to change without notice.