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Alkaline 8.5/9.0/9.5
High Negative ORP ( High level of Antioxidants)
Hexagonal Configuration (for maximal hydration!!!!)

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Dr. Craig Brown's Expansive Holistic Health

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The Expansive Holistic Health Workout Drink (Powder)

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The Expansive Holistic Health proprietary formula gives you multiple benefits as it feeds your muscles throughout your body to optimize your workout and recovery.

My Expansive Holistic Health Workout Drink (Powder) benefits include stronger and more satisfying workouts, more stamina, less recovery time necessary, greater endurance, faster and greater accuracy in anything you set out to do.  I have also found a reduction in muscle soreness, and a major decrease in injuries.  Of course ‘smart workouts, form etc, always need to be performed under the supervision of an experienced professional.

 All my life I have been in search of the perfect formula. As an athlete, trainer, and Martial Arts instructor and competitor I needed something to give me that superior ‘edge.’  My father, a Doctor as well, was also a major influence on us. Not only did he want us all to be surgeons like himself, he also taught us how to build both character and healthy lifestyles.  He gave us our first set of boxing gloves, at a very young age, as we were street kids growing up in a tough neighborhood. The gloves weighed 12 or 16 ounces, and for children, that was pretty big. He wanted us to learn the ‘art’ of boxing, and exercise, without hurting each other.  He also preached never to start an argument, or confrontation, and we all never did! Our first weight set, was one of those 110 pound starter sets. When I was five years old, I snuck away to my Grandparents home, and asked them to register me for karate classes because my Mom didn’t want me fighting. That was my first love!

As a Mixed Martial Artist, I taught and competed quite a bit. Power lifting and body building’s common injuries are to the knees, elbows, shoulders, and hamstrings. We all have heard the “no pain, no gain” nonsense. Muscle soreness or pain creates the love/hate relationship with all sports and workouts as we learn to suffer through.

The key to unlock the whole workout ‘love/hate’ relationship, along with the ability to have consistent progressive forward achievement and growth is in my Expansive Holistic Health proprietary formulas. Whether you are looking for lean muscle tone, speed, agility, or large muscle mass, we will keep you moving forward!  No pain, no tears, or setbacks, whether you are a weekend warrior or a six day a week person.

Up until now the injuries and soreness held you back from your dreams.


My life’s work has taken me, methodically, medically, and biologically to a place where I have been searching. The Expansive Holistic Health Workout Drink is a dream come true for all of us seeking to grow, be healthy and reap all the benefits of training.

I love my workouts!!!!! You will too, even more than you do now!

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Expansive Holistic Health Workout Formula

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