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Florida Dental Board Preps

Dental Board Preps For FL,HI,AZ,LV
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Enagic Water Ionizers Website Water H2O

Alkaline 8.5/9.0/9.5
High Negative ORP ( High level of Antioxidants)
Hexagonal Configuration (for maximal hydration!!!!)

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Dr. Craig Brown's Expansive Holistic Health

Meditation / Relaxation Audio Download / CD

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Luxury Six Million Dollar Man Plan Private/Corporate/Bentley Small Group

Coaching Categories include:

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  • Corporate Optimization: Optimize your workforce, so they in turn, can Optimize You
  • Bentley Small Group Coaching: Business/Friends/Family
  • Individual V.I.P. Coaching: Be More, Be Better, Be the best you can!

Money? Sure a great legacy…life, health, happiness, along with security, is hands down without comparison, a smarter and much brighter path to take. It is a much greater, more intelligent gift to give and receive for you and yours.

The Mind Body Oral-Nasal Systemic connection:

By understanding the link between these multi-complicated mechanisms of the body as a whole, Expansive Holistic Health brings ‘us’ to new levels of achievement. Expansive Holistic Health has ‘connected the dots’ scientifically, and is backed by cutting edge research and biological analysis, to optimize you and your company more than you ever imagined. Dr Craig Brown works with you on an individual basis, and in-group executive style programs to:

‘Optimize’ every supporting “beam of the foundation that makes you, the individual or sum of the part of your entire business, increasing the potential of even more improved greatness.’

Makes you stronger, faster, enhances cognitive function, to be more efficient, better multi-tasking, increased creativity, less stress, greater clarity, healthier/mind body connections for better presentation, boosts immunity,  less, sick days, if any; making a clearer, more stable, more interesting, brighter you!

Expansive Holistic Health will bring new life into your business, your business relationships, your family, your loved ones, and your friends. Your transformation will transpose to every part of your life…Business and Personal!

What we do is make you better! No snake oil, no pitch, no empty feel good cheerleading tactics of the yesterday’s 20th Century. Expansive Holistic Health Corporate Programs will make your company “better from the inside out!” We don’t tell you how to increase your SEO. We don’t tell you to increase your Social media status or tweets! What we do is create a ‘better’ you, biologically & naturally, without drugs or ill side effects.

We increase your potential: Physiologically, Mentally, Emotional, which will IMPROVE your Finances. Dr Craig Brown’s Expansive Medicine protocols will transform you from ‘Better’ to ‘Best’.

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We don’t give you a temporary band-aid, as so many do. The real gift of Expansive Holistic Health is that we are more than cheerleaders; we are the Leaders of the Expansive and Actual Real sustainable betterment of your Lives. Your power is attained Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and then Financially, from the inside out. What we give you is your full physical, mental, and emotional potential back, which has been slowly taken away from you, since you were a child. No matter where you are in life, or career, we can maximize your true potential. We will facilitate you to Expand; to be all your true biologic and physiologic potential which is yours for the taking!

Regardless if you are incredibly successful, moderately, beginning to soar, or in the process of learning how, you can achieve even more! You are not ‘all you can be,’ believe me there is so much more. So much more, no matter where you are in life, you need to either be healthier, or more successful, or have just plain more. We will not only achieve more success, but we will enjoy our success to the optimum. You deserve it! You deserve it all!

You can enjoy the rewards of decades of hard work. Your future should not be an ever increasing ‘medicine cabinet’ in your luxurious master baths. Your future should not be the suffering and depression of the pains of arthritis, memory loss, or a vital life cut short due to heart disease. Your life should not be interrupted by trips to medical offices offering you so-called solutions with pharmaceutical medications that have worse side effects and adverse long term reactions than the actual problem itself, creating futures disorders unrelated to your initial diagnosis.

Expansive Holistic Health will help you to expand your life, expand yourself, and your business by enriching you and your workforce, in turn, showing you how to have a healthier, happier future to enjoy all you have achieved and will achieve.

“Isn’t that what it is all about?” Expansive Holistic Health will help expand your vitality, your life, your youth, physically, mentally and emotionally!

There is nothing in the world that offers you what Expansive Medicine does. And it will be your legacy to hand down from generation to generation.  Expansive Medicine shows you how to give yourself, your business, your family and love ones, not a temporary superficial makeover,  but a makeover that can be a permanent change for the better. It is a makeover that will purify your entire being, biologically, and physiologically. Something “real” and tangible will happen to you physiologically enhancing you in every way.  You, your company, your family will see, experience, and most important ‘own’. And, yes, it is yours!  More importantly, Expansive Holistic Health is not just a ‘rah rah cheerleader pitch,’ that self-destructs in days or weeks. Expansive Holistic Health is a life saving and enhancing system of protocols coming from years and years of accepted medical research, and experience.

Be more than who you are, be the 21st Century You! And turn your company, your employees, and your love ones on to the 21st Century, Expansive Holistic Health.

Don’t waste precious time! Step into your Full Potential with Dr. Craig Brown. Register Today!

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