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Is Self Esteem, Depression Getting in the Way of your Love Life?

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Is Self Esteem, Depression Getting in the Way of your Love Life?

Love and Marriage… Reborn, from Within…What is an interesting “find” that has come up time and time again is that to reach that level of complete and total euphoria, that level of complete and total “oneness” , or a connection with your lover, and loved one… “the” connection with the entire universe both people need to feel good/love themselves. We are not referring to narcissism, or any remote semblance to it. Only then can we as human beings be as open, trusting and accepting as we need to be to enjoy that true meaning and extension to where “that kiss will take us” . To have that trust, that ability to be completely grounded under such circumstances , we must not only love someone else, we need to love ourselves! I have been talking about this since my teens, with the connections to our own physiology. You can not truly and deeply love someone else even in the moment, ( you can be dependent upon someone else, but not truly love someone else) as deeply to the vast extent the universe is capably of allowing you too, unless you are grounded, and in love with who and what you are. inside and out. You must approach love on all levels with no “baggage or doubts about yourself, physically, mentally , emotionally and spiritually to truly enjoy the “organisms of life”… the “organism of truly living” ( if I may use these explicit phrases). It is so important to understand that the “organism or euphoria of ultimate existing”, is a compilation of the physical and metaphysical, along with the psychological and emotional elements all in sync working optimally together, that takes both mind and body participation, and effort to get there. It needs to be taught, and it needs to be understood. This process I am describing is one of the many aspects addressed in Expansive Medicine Lifestyles… we talk and address what I call ultimate living… and I personally, because life in too short, can not understanding why anyone would not be curious in the very least, or would want to live any other way? Expand your LIFE, Expand your feelings, Expand your LOVE….Expand your EXPERIENCE/EXPERIENCES . Start your Expansive Medicine Lifestyles and expansively feel the difference… www.DrCraigBrown.com               www.ExpansiveMedicine.com

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