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The Healing From Within, With Dr. Craig Brown’s Expansive Medicine

Yes, we are all part of the same “oneness”.  Healing the the Universe is where the purity of our “being” began.  It is hard to believe in this day and age how there is so much sadness, greed, and evil in our world when if fact we all come from the very same source (root), whether molecular, fragments of the vast universe, and/or the very grace of our higher being.  Along with this of course comes great pain and anguish.  How did we distort our God given purity and righteousness?  Dr. Craig Brown’s Expansive Medicine shows how through the addition of all the horribly damaging and evil toxicity we have taken into our minds and bodies, we have arrived at the sad, and frightening place we are seeing each and every day.  It has become a “familiar, almost expected view of our everyday existence,  on our streets, in our communities and what we are constantly witnessing  in our daily news programming.  For those of us that care about our planet, our creation, and the “foot print” we are making for our “future”, and for the children of tomorrow… For those of us that truly care about a tomorrow…For those of us left that even believe in a tomorrow…For those of us who truly love our children and feel we live in spirit and in heaven forever. Please do not give up… Please do not destroy what is holy, and what is precious…do not contribute to destroy our planet, our minds, and our beloved bodies. Truly believe in goodness, and let us all rediscover why we are truly here…to spread the beauty of life, wellness, and SENSIBILITY. By “healing from the inside out, mind, brain, and body, from the source, from the root of this disease that is spreading throughout the world we can recover What is Meant to Be. With your help, and your strength, you/we can Believe in a Future, and a Better World Ahead. We can make it happen…we can reverse the insanity we are seeing each and every day. Now is the time to learn how to deeply love yourself, and your neighbor.  Along with the ability to once again love the world around you, you will have the capacity to make a new world around you… by starting with yourself.  Be a better, smarter, stronger, more Super-YOU!  Dr. Craig Brown’s Expansive Medicine Lifestyles, we care… www.DrCraigBrown.com ♥♥ http://store.drcraigbrown.com/telephone-consultation-request

Dr. Craig Brown's Expansive Medicine Lifestyles

Dr. Craig Brown’s
Expansive Medicine Lifestyles



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